Our Speakers

Joseph Mercola, DO

Improving Mitochondrial Health

  • How excess iron causes health issues
  • Dr. Mercola’s favorite book last year
  • Most powerful tool to improve mitochondria

David Minkoff, MD

Comprehensive Lyme Treatment Strategies

  • Learn about the big 3 dangerous heavy metals
  • How to detox heavy metals with true chelators
  • The biofilm and heavy metal toxicity connection

Lee Cowden, MD

A Comprehensive Look at Lyme Disease

  • A parasite that creates its own biofilm
  • Co-infections and its connection to illness
  • Most common misconceptions about Lyme disease

Richard Horowitz, MD

MSIDS Model and Its Role in Driving Inflammation

  • Understanding the clinical diagnosis of Lyme disease
  • New persister protocols
  • Apps being created for Lyme disease

Erin Elizabeth

Recovering from Lyme disease

  • Protocols used for recovery
  • Role of the mind in recovery
  • Tips for staying in remission

Sally Schutz, MD

Mitochondrial Dysfunction

  • Oxidative stress and the disease it creates
  • BX Protocol
  • Learn the S.T.O.P. Technique

Kenneth Stoller, MD, FACHM

Brain Conditions Have Infection with Them

  • Alzheimer’s link to Lyme disease and other spirochetes
  • A special antibiotic that doesn’t work like a typical antibioticl
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Niki Gratrix, BA, DipION, mBANT, CNHC

The Role of Stress and Emotional Trauma with Lyme Disease

  • 3 steps to address emotional trauma
  • Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s)
  • 3 ways stress and trauma affect you

Trudy Scott, CN

Tryptophan and GABA to Ease the Anxiety and Panic Attacks

  • How to take targeted individual amino acids
  • Pyroluria and the nutrients to take for it
  • Discover the neurotransmitter linked with low self-esteem

Dean Martens, CH

Energy Medicine

  • Importance of putting your mind to rest
  • 3 different types of medicine
  • Living supplements vs. pharmaceutical medicine

Fran Sussman

A Unique Approach to Addressing Lyme Disease

  • How liposomal can battle biofilms
  • 6 tips if you have limited finances
  • Problems with MTHFR genetic testing medicine

Shiroko Sokitch, MD

A Chinese Medicine Appoach to Lyme Disease

  • Using the pulse as a diagnostic tool
  • Favorite herbs for Lyme disease
  • Why Lyme disease is classified as a Gu syndrome

Trina Hammack, FDNP, CBT, CHC

Energy Medicine and its Role in Overcoming Lyme and Cancer

  • Biofeedback device
  • Ozone sauna usage
  • Understanding adrenal health

Trevor Cates, ND

The Magic Mirror of the Skin

  • Top 4 foods to consume to improve your health and skin
  • The root cause of skin problems: “Skin-flammation”
  • Top 5 foods to avoid to improve your health and skin

Laura Ricci, PT, DPT , WHNC

Pelvic Floor Pain and its Relation to Lyme Disease

  • Learn which infections cause interstitial cystitis
  • Squatty Potty: Friend or Foe?
  • Powerful at-home recommendations

Michael Acanfora, DC

Lyme Disease and Trigeminal Neuralgia Connection

  • Unimaginable conventional treatments
  • Most effective natural treatment
  • Top 4 nutritional supplement strategies

Scott Forsgren

Recovering from Many Layers of Lyme

  • Unveiling the library of knowledge
  • Key factors missed with Lyme disease
  • What to stay on after recovery


IV Vitamin C Treatment for Lyme Disease

  • 4 reasons Lyme sufferers don’t get well
  • Testimonials from using IV Vitamin C
  • At-home recommended tools and supplements

Kevin Conners, DPSc, FICT, FAARFM

3 Phases of Lyme and Rife Technology

  • Discover the tools to help in Phase 3 Autoimmune Lyme
  • Why Lyme & H. pylori have similar survival mechanisms
  • Frequency technology for cancer and Lyme patients

Bradley Bush, ND

A Lab Test That Actually Works for Detecting Lyme Disease

  • Unique test that doesn’t use traditional antibody response
  • Cutting-edge interpretation of this test
  • Drs. Bush and Jay’s personal experience with this test

Robby Besner

The Applied Science of Infrared Technology

  • Discover full spectrum infrared: Near, mid and far
  • Infrared applications for Lyme disease
  • Secrets with infrared saunas and mats (pads)

Connie Bennett

Sugar and Lyme Disease

  • Discover what sugar does to the body
  • Sugar’s 16-hour suppression of the immune system
  • Surprising adult beverage that turns to sugar

Raj Patel, MD

Mold and Lyme Disease

  • How to reverse hyper-reactivity response from mold
  • Cutting-edge MRI test for mold
  • Dr. Patel’s 5-step approach to Lyme and mold

B.J. Hardick, DC

Nutrition Plan Steps Critical in a Bio-Detox

  • Horizontal gene transfer in food and coinfections
  • Nutrition Plan Steps Critical in a Bio-Detox
  • Retox vs. Detox Supplements to stay away from during detox

Jack Tips, PhD, CHom, CCN

The Gut Microbiome and Lyme Disease

  • The weed, reseed and feed way to restoring gut health
  • Herbs that are important in a pathogen purge
  • Unique Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) perspective

Jay Davidson, DC, PScD

Heavy Metal Detoxification and Lyme Disease

  • Learn about the big 3 dangerous heavy metals
  • How to detox heavy metals with true chelators
  • The biofilm and heavy metal toxicity connection

Kate Hope, MS, CGP

Using the GAPS TM Diet as Nutrional Therapy for Lyme Disease

  • How to approach the 2 stages of the GAPS™ diet
  • Find out the 3 legumes allowed on a GAPS™ diet
  • The 2 ultimate GAPS™ foods

Nikolas Hedberg, DC, DABCI, DACBN, BCNP

A Ketogenic Diet’s Role with Lyme Disease

  • Spanish-Mediterranean variety of ketosis guidelines
  • Why ketosis helps SIBO
  • Free app for phone and computer to help with sleep

Jimmy Moore

A Practical Approach to Nutritional Ketosis

  • 3 benefits of a ketogenic diet
  • Different types of ketones and how to measure it
  • A nut higher in fat than a macadamia nut

Dietitian Cassie, RD, LD

Food and Nutrition as They Relate to Lyme Disease

  • When to stay away from protein
  • Top 3 things to heal the digestive tract
  • Best supplements for gut inflammation

Peter Osborne, DC, DACBN, PScD

Grainflammation (Grain = Inflammation)

  • Why being gluten free is not enough
  • Understand molecular mimicry roles of gluten
  • Natural and safe ways to decrease inflammation

Connie Strasheim

Lyme Disease and Cancer

  • Top 8 anti-cancer and anti-Lyme nutrients
  • Antimicrobial strategies that also prevent cancer
  • Understanding toxicity with cancer and Lyme disease

Shayne Morris, PhD, MBA, CNS

Biofilm, Bugs and Phage (Bacteriophage)

  • 3 ways Borrelia disguises itself
  • Why biofilm is the issue and not the bug
  • How a virus (not anti-biotics!) is the wave of the future